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I suspect a lot of the fashion people I worked with washed out of arithmetic. And what they knew of geography was based on where they flew for fashion shoots and where the shows were being held that season. I felt bad for them for being inarticulate; they felt sorry for me because I was frumpy. It wasn't like I walked down the street in Manhattan and saw people looking at me and thinking, "Wow, that girl can write!

" So when I was trying to come up with what kind of genius Frank would have, I decided to make him visually splendid in a way most kids aren't.

Now Mimi has been "swindled of her fortune by a crooked investment adviser." As a result, she's forced to write a second novel to keep a roof over the head of her only son Frank, an extremely eccentric 9-year old obsessed with Old Hollywood and vintage fashion. It had already been bought and was being edited when the rumors of the Harper Lee book started. Mimi writes her novel because she's lost all her money and compounded that disaster by mortgaging the copyright to her one blockbuster novel. My husband is a comedy writer, and he's worked on a lot of different lots--Paramount, Sony, Universal, and others. We live a ten-minute drive from Mann's Chinese Theater, where the handprints in cement are. Also, we watched a lot of old movies at my house, since, you know, when you have kids watching with you, you aren't sitting around on the couch, catching up on your Tarantino. The characters in the old black-and-white movies knew how to dress.

While Alice imagined she'd be typing up Mimi's manuscript, she soon finds her job mostly entails looking after Frank, who is prone to meltdowns, encyclopedic monologues and repeated viewings of . She has a kid who doesn't like change and she needs to keep a roof over his head. Mimi's son Frank is an eccentric child, obsessed with old Hollywood and dedicated to extreme fashion. Of course, I understand that Edith Head or Adrian were picking out their clothes for them; but there was real genius at work there.

I thought of him as the lovechild of Karl Lagerfeld and Diana Vreeland, who learned his way around a cravat from his uncle Fred Astaire. Whenever I needed a little sartorial inspiration, I went and shuffled through my menfolk's closets.

I should note here, too, that my father-in-law was a snappy dresser, and my husband and our son. Though in real life a child like Frank might likely be diagnosed as having Autism or Asperger's, in the novel, Frank's unique and strange qualities are never labeled.

is narrated by Alice Whitley, an optimistic, young woman sent from New York to LA to act as full-time assistant to M. Banning (aka Mimi), the reclusive, prickly writer of the legendary novel "Pitched." The novel won Mimi "a Pulitzer and a National Book Award by the time she turned 20," but after its publication she never wrote again. So I was mulling over all these things when I started writing. Breakfast at Tiffany's was shot there, and those Astaire/Rogers musicals.

Vargas tells her that: "Los Angeles is a paradise on earth, Alice...

You can't blame people for being seduced by it." You've lived in L.

She's understands that kids come out pretty much however they're going to be, and you just have to try to protect them as best you can. If you're used to seasons that mark the passage of time and the progress of your accomplishments, living here can make you lose your mind, Here, you look out the window and say, "What a beautiful day! So many people come out here to be famous, but only a fraction of them will be.

Mimi's idea of a good day is one when you make it through without somebody going to the emergency room or something blowing up.

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